July 21, 2012

several poems from the archives

For those of you who know me, you may know that I once wrote poetry. I would like to again but the words have not materialized. But these are from days when words flowed. I hope to post more.

baby bird
mwest, 2007-8

i sat at a tree
and watched a bird 
teach her chick to fly

at first she stumbled,
but eventually she flew.

Curiosity Killed the Bitch
mwest, 2007-8

G-d must be a man
and this the ultimate joke--

for seven days in every month
you'll bleed and bleed.

That is what you get
when you bite the apple.

the better language
mwest, 2007-8

who decides which is the better language?
I will take English,
you can keep Russian

we didn't communicate, anyway.

New York in the six o'clock shadows
mwest, 2008

All the New York orchids
white, dust shaped
in rows,
the mist covers the city dark
but spring is growing 

City Hall park,
the white pink Japanese flowers
and plants beneath the gray sky.

I could die right now,
if this was the last thing I saw.

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