March 3, 2013

Movement @ The Curiosity Project

The winter earth is finally thawing and I am hopeful that this spring will feature some amazing programming within the Staten Island artistic community. In December of 2012, I wrangled a group of seven members of the Staten Island creative and cultural community to discuss initiatives, to dissect the contemporary landscape of S.I. politics, and to figure out how to begin to get stuff done. Several weeks later, I was afforded a wonderful opportunity to curate a month-long program of events at the Curiosity Project, a pop-up gallery space managed by the Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island, on Beach Street near what I call the Van Duzer-Beach Street creative corner.

This small but lovely group of activists I have wrangled (comprised of a film scholar, a dancer, two musicians, a poet, a photographer, and an environmental/cultural/Staten Island activist) will be joining me in co-curating TRY: Movement @ The Curiosity Project. The Curiosity Team, as I will unofficially call us, includes Andrew Blancero, Phoebe Blue, Tom Bones, Michael C. Bongiorno, Jon Fox, Laura Neese, Monica Valenzuela, and myself. I am stoked to be working with them and we have had a lot of really great project ideas for this venture.

While the calendar is still being finalized, Staten Island get ready! We plan on hosting the following in relation to the word movement. What makes a local, social, political movement? How to do mobilize into action? And what are some historical movements that occurred on Staten Island:

- A community exquisite corpse movement poem
-Open level dance classes including yoga/somatic work
-The Staten Island Dance Jam will be housed here during April (Saturdays 2-4pm)
-Curiosity Book Swap and Wine Tasting Party
-Poetry workshops and discussions
-Afternoon Dance video showings
-Film screenings, lectures, and special movie showings
-Second Saturday choreographer's showing
-Photography and art openings
-Open Mic performance and Music shows
-Letter writing campaign for Pouch Camp preservation efforts
-Open Studio time for local artists and community members

and more!

I am so excited, I just cannot even contain myself. Second Saturdays Staten Island is in full swing, with the art walk picking up steam as the springtime slowly settles in. We have a new website up and running and are hoping to gain more audiences for this quaint art walk as more venues join aboard. 

Additionally, I will resume writing about events that I go to this spring. This winter has been a little rough with Hurricane Sandy and an extreme cold/flu/bug that pestered everyone I know. As we plan more for the Curiosity Project, I will be sure to post updates here and use The Independent Mover as the home-base for the events calendar.

Happy doings,