August 11, 2012

A Note on Hostels

So, as I type this from the common room of the Martha's Vineyard Youth Hostel I want to encourage people to safely use this mode of travel due to its affordability and convenience.

However, I think the most important part of a hosteling experience is the amount of wonderful, interesting folks that you will meet. While I am here I have met folks from England, Sweden, Massachusetts, Connecticut and many other places. It is easy to get bogged down by the anti-social vibes one can receive whilst living in the city. Sometimes people just aren't that friendly.

But I want to encourage you, dear reader, if and when you decide to do some traveling yonder, make some friends at a hostel. This one in particular is a fantastic model of a place to stay that offers affordable beds, amenities, pancakes every morning, and many interesting people. They also promote educational outreach on sustainability and feature a compost bucket and bike racks galore.

I am off to the West Tisbury farmers market. I intended to catch the sunset tonight but the rain may make that impossible. But I will find my way nonetheless.

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